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Why We Do It

Net Worth. Life Worth.

Our Vision

At Croft Enterprises, we care as much about your life worth as your net worth.

That means we care about what’s important to you—what your financial philosophies are, how your business is doing, how your career is going, how your family is doing, when and how you want to retire, and so on.

Once we know your life worth, we need to know a little about your net worth, or your balance sheet.

Yet adding to your net worth is the easy part of what we do.

What’s different about us: We genuinely care about you, and we want to understand your aspirations. This way, we can also add to your life worth.


Croft is dedicated to providing the best service to you and others like you. We are pleased to partner with organizations that continue to align with our mission to provide a community impact for all.


YETE empowers your business through You Eat, They Eat mission! Every time your business processes a credit card utilizing our cash incentive processing, it triggers a donation of whole food nutrition to an underserved child through Manna Relief Non-Profit Organization.


Employment for people with disabilities, School to Work, Meaningful relationships, Community, Transportation, Supervision and training, jobs, Professional staff.

“It’s difficult to put into words the meaningfulness of our professional relationship with Croft Enterprises. My husband and I have been working with Paul for several years. We first started with a small goal of exploring life insurance for ourselves. Subsequently, our meetings over the years have turned into so much more, because of Paul. He encourages us and helps us to define not only our financial goals, but our LIFE goals (which include personal and professional aspirations), which are so important! Even more critical, all this effort and planning helps us work to achieve our goals. We probably would not have the practice of doing this without him and feel more secure with Paul’s guidance and recommendations. He provides a true example of a comprehensive service, with professionalism and a caring heart. We are grateful for his time and expertise, which is invaluable in itself!”

What We Do

We take a comprehensive, integrated approach to your financial plans.

Where We Do It

We have two locations to serve the Upper Midwest and beyond.

Who We Are

We help you achieve your life aspirations with comprehensive integrated financial services.

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