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What We Do

Net Worth. Life Worth.

Our Approach

At Croft Enterprises, we take a comprehensive, integrated approach to your financial plans.We look at tax planning in an innovative way—as a way to drive your investments.

We don’t separate your net worth from your life worth. We know your financial planning and lifestyle planning are connected. We know your tax planning and retirement planning are connected, too.

Indeed, your taxes, investments, legal matters, insurance, and retirement should all be connected in a truly comprehensive financial plan—the kind of plan that only Croft provides.

Thus, when we meet you, we want to know your aspirations so that we can build a comprehensive plan for steady growth and progress toward your goals.

We aim to build both net worth and life worth, based on a relationship of friendship and trust.

Once we have plotted your path to financial success, we can also discuss the partnerships we offer for explosive growth.


We get to know you personally, professionally, and financially.
We set short- and long-term goals.
We understand your objectives.
We explain our consulting agreement.


We review your goals.
We discuss financial ideas.
We complete our consulting agreement.
We review the budget and planning tools.


We review findings.
We plan recommendations.
We coordinate next steps.
We address questions or concerns.


You meet our team.
We determine how often to meet each year.
We review your plan periodically.
We discuss changes to goals as warranted.

Why Croft (1:44)

Learn how Croft is structured to provide strategy rather than to sell products and how Croft is a natural fit for business owners like Mark.

The Beginning (1:40)

Learn how Croft provides expertise for people like Mark with diverse insurance and financial needs.

Life Goals (2:36)

Learn how Croft’s Life Worth Exercise helped even a person like Mark, who has financial expertise.

A True Partnership (3:55)

Learn how Croft’s Balance Sheet Exercise helped Mark when it came to obtaining credit for his family business.

“Paul Croft is a very smart and dedicated financial professional–it is evident that he truly values his clients and works hard to help them achieve their goals. Croft Enterprises offers a wide array of products and services to suit your needs and he applies a consultative approach to provide solutions for both the present and future. On top of it all Paul is a genuinely nice person of high character. His honesty, integrity, and great disposition make him fun to do business with–overall, highly recommended!”
“I 100% recommend Croft Enterprises to any individual, husband and wife, or business owner who is looking for strategic financial planning advice. Paul is a great communicator and has shown me a great ability to effectively translate the many complex financial avenues one can take. In addition to his financial advice, as another reviewer has pointed out, Paul is like very few people I’ve met, with his ability to connect people together for their mutual business interests.”

Who We Are

We help you achieve your life aspirations with comprehensive integrated financial services.

Why We Do It

At Croft Enterprises, we care as much about your life worth as your net worth.

Where We Do It

We have two locations to serve the Upper Midwest and beyond.

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