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The Importance of Goal Setting

Stating your life goals is one of the smartest things you can do to have a higher likelihood of attaining them, yet most people don’t take the time to write them down and refer to them from time to time.

At Croft Enterprises, we place a lot of value on goal setting and believe it is important for our clients to know where they want to be in the future. Therefore, when meeting with our clients, we always make sure to ask the question below and have our clients write their goals down.


If we were going to meet three years from today, what would have to happen to you personally, professionally, and financially to make you feel proud of what you have been able to accomplish along the way?

At Croft Enterprises, our theory is that when you set goals, most of the time they are going to help you become a better person, work on yourself personally, and become healthier. Professionally you are going to be more efficient and have more time at work, get more in sync with your office and staff. Lastly, the financial piece always follows. But people who don’t set goals and chase the financial piece first, who want to become rich without putting in the hard work or getting additional education to grow their knowledge, although they may have some years in their life that are really great, are usually the ones that “hit the top of the mountain and ultimately find themselves broke.” They don’t have that steady process or the philosophy of “the money will come if you put your goals first and have them in order.”

Early on in Paul’s career, he would often talk to his clients about their goals. At first many of his clients wouldn’t take his philosophy of goal setting as seriously as he did. Knowing how important goal setting is and that Croft Enterprises values its effects so greatly, Paul was and still is insistent on having his client’s fill out his goal setting sheet. A successful example of this, was when a client of Croft Enterprises was sitting in a meeting nearly 8 years ago and wrote down his personal, professional and financial goals. Some of them were, “I want to get married, I want to finish my CPA exam, get my MBA, and start visiting my parents more often.” Today, this client has just finished his CPA, has just about completed his MBA, and is spending more time with his family and parents. After seeing his goals coming true, this client believed in goal setting so much that he wanted to revise and add more goals for his future.

According to the article 5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your Focus in Forbes Magazine, there are five reasons why individuals should set goals.

1)    Goals trigger behavior

2)    Goals guide your focus

3)    Goals sustain momentum

4)    Goals align your focus

5)    Goal setting promotes self-mastery

Overall, not only is goal setting important because it typically keeps an individual on track and gets them moving forward to achieve their goals, but also setting goals helps build character, as it helps increase patience, motivation, self-awareness, and confidence. Goal setting helps you identify what is truly important to you.

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