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Retirement Planning Solutions

Annexus: Retirement Planning Solutions

Croft Enterprises has worked with Annexus for many years and currently has contracts with Annexus to be able to deliver their solution-based financial tools to any current or future Croft Enterprises clients.

About Annexus

Located out of Scottsdale, Arizona Annexus is one of the top performing companies providing retirement income products which will allow the individual to achieve the type of retirement he/she envisions.

“Annexus partners with the best in the industry and develops innovative technologies to deliver breakthrough retirement options in the marketplace.”

Currently Annexus holds 15 industry patents in financial technology. Financial technology is an industry composed of companies that use new technology and innovation with available resources in order to compete in the marketplace of traditional financial institutions and deliver the best possible services.  Because Annexus is such an innovative company, they are able to help many clients reach their desired goals through their “gamma-efficient approach.” This approach refers to the amount of additional retirement income that can be generated by making better financial planning decisions.

What Is Gamma? 

Gamma is an important measure of the curvature in the relationship between bond prices and bond yields that demonstrates how the duration of a bond changes as the interest rate changes. Breaking it down, Gamma is used when trying to gauge the price movement of an option.

Why Annexus?

Annexus is innovative and versatile and has partnerships with some of the most respected financial institutions in the industry, where they have developed retirement income planning solutions for clients from a variety of backgrounds. The solutions that Annexus has developed are then put into the hands of a select group of financial professionals, such as Croft Enterprises, where the clients will be better served and fitted with the right financial solutions.

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