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paul-croftCroft Enterprises LLC is an Integrated Financial Consulting Firm.  We take a macro view of your overall financial picture and make recommendations based on your core values first and then your needs.

We believe your Financial Plan requires a strong foundation of health insurance, disability income insurance, life insurance, a strategic mortgage plan, along with positive cash flow.  Most people are deceived by thinking the more money they make, the more discretionary income they will have in their financial affairs.

We have found, more often than not, the more money you make the more expenses you will have.  We take the Bridge & Water approach to your financial consultation.  If you would like learn more or contact us, please call us at (612) 220-7692 or email us at paul@croftenterprisesllc.com

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“As a client of Paul’s the thing that impressed me the most was his “intangible products” which didn’t cost me anything.  By that, I mean, his desire and work to help me set personal and professional goals.   Most investment advisers are focused on helping me meet monetary goals which is great, but I don’t believe you can reach those monetary goals until you fulfill your personal and professional goals.  That is why I think Paul is the best at what he does!”

– Kyle D. International Tax Adviser, Deloitte Tax LLP

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